First Black Owned Business in Woodland Hills Mall

By Ashley Jones 

 The Juicy Hair and Beauty Boutique is the first black owned store and salon to have a storefront within the Woodland Hills Tulsa Mall. The Owner, Sabvette Williams, opened her doors during their Grand Opening in September of 2020. Williams was raised Baptist and says she knew, “God had a plan”

     “My whole life I’ve been in the beauty industry some type of way or another, and it all was developing me for this time.” Williams added

Chic Nail Salon on 41st and Garnett, across from promenade mall was one of the first businesses to open their doors to Williams’ beauty entrepreneurship. They allowed her to start a brow bar from their room in the back. It wasn’t long until Williams’ lines were out the door. 

“I was in a little closet that she gave me that just had a sink in it with enough room for a bed and a wax table,” Williams said.

She made do and named her brow service, Couture Brows. Then in October of 2015, Williams was picking up her son from school and saw a building on 54th and Mingo. Her ambition sparked a vision of having her own business on a building sign. With hard work, her dream came into fruition.

“I had my own first brick and mortar storefront and Couture Brows came alive,” Williams said.  “Then, in my spirit, I always knew that I wanted a full service salon.”

Williams wrote it down. She manifested it, and told no one other than her mother that the next thing she wanted was a business specifically in Woodland Hills Mall that provided a full beauty experience, from the headtop to the toenails. 

In August of 2020, after persistent calls to the mall, Williams was granted a tour around vacant retail space at Woodland Hills Mall. The lady that showed her the space once she picked the GNC area informed the business owner that they wouldn’t be able to help her turn the space into a salon because a shoe store bought out the prior salon that was in the area.

Once again, Williams made do. Williams turned that vitamin shop into a full head to toe salon now known as Juicy hair and beauty boutique. She did this without the need of loans and help from gifts and saving hard earned money. Her salon features an aesthetician, nail techs, hair stylists, and barbers.

“We need a one stop shop somewhere where we could come, we can vibe with family oriented vibes,” Williams said. “We always say ‘come as a guest, and leave as a friend’ that’s our motto.”

To schedule an appointment you can visit their store front at Woodland Hills Mall on 70th and Memorial or give them a call at (918) 505-0080.


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