Club Selfie

By Ashley Jones

Behind bars, things like trips to the vending machine and visitation are gems that people outside of the jail system take for granted. Within the Tulsa Jail walls a man named Dorian Hill was granted more access and agency during his sentence from 2010 to 2017 when he became ‘the picture guy.’

“I was happy to see people smiling and had a natural feel for it,” Hill said.

Anytime families would come through or a special day occurred in the penitentiary, Hill was there to snap a pic. Now, Hill is the second black owned business in Woodland Hills mall. Hill’s business is called Club Selfie and starting at 15$ people from all over can come to the art museum-like spot.

DJ Tillerson and the Juice Radio Show had all of their headshots taken at Club Selfie, and you can too!

“If I am an encouragement or an inspiration to anybody, that really beams light into my life and just makes me keep reaching out further showing people what can be done,” Hill said.

Each section of the room has interchanging designs on the wall. Each seasonal change, a few walls change to match the holiday theme. Hill has a gift with his updated high-tech I-phone camera that he uses to take pictures of different customers that walk-in.

Recently, Hill has opened his doors to 89.9 KBOB’s Juice Radio Show. Their coordinator Ramal Brown, host DJ Tillerson and the Juice crew posed for their new headshots in support of Club Selfie and it made for a great collaboration.

“Me and Ramal go way back to when he first began working on the radio,” Hill said. “That was my guy, always showed me love, always spinned my records.”

Before Club Selfie, Dorian Hill was a recording artist who started at the age of 13. His musical talent then spread into the entrepreneurship side of Hip Hop, and he started doing promotion work for different artists.

“Most of my promoting and biggest songs and my fan base is in Tulsa,” Hill said. “Right here in the 918, and all surrounding areas.”

Hill chose to start his business in Woodland Hills because he considers it the Mecca of all shopping in Tulsa. There is so much foot-traffic at the spot, even during the pandemic.

When you are hungry for success, you might try your hand in everything,” Hill said. “So I can’t say that I made a crossover. It was just an idea in hopes to bring in some revenue for other things.”

To take pictures at Club Selfie just show up and smile! You’ll meet Dorian, and pay $15 for one person, 2 for $25 and 3 or more is $10 each.


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