New Paradox Creative Space Showcases Black Artistry During their Fashion Week

The Paradox Grand Opening

Paradox Grand Opening last month was fashion forward. Before the 2021 Met Gala Red Carpets and NY Fashion Week, Tulsa modeled local pieces around a smooth planned program that brought The Voice Tulsa star Jus Faye with her background dancers, Majeste Pearson and Mecca to the stage opening it up with a glorious musical performance as seen in the slideshow below.

The crowd was served with tasteful chicken and waffle bite size horderves as they spectated the runway show. Photos for the show can also be found at the bottom of this article.

What is the Paradox?

Paradox Place is a Space for the Creative Side! Photography bookings, fashion shows, listening parties, pop-up shops, installments, model hub, band rehearsals, monthly options available.

Check out their facebook here! Instagram here!

Paradox Founder and CEO, Lisa Jae, Q&A

We got an exclusive chance to interview the Founder and CEO of the business, Ms. Lisa Jae. Read below as she tells us about her journey towards sharing this space with the community since before its opening.

What inspired this Business venture?

I have always been a creative person. I grew up with 3 brothers and I was the only girl, most of my brothers were in sports and became known for football. I remember in Middle School my older brother started a singing group that was really very talented. Even though he had a past in basketball he had this other side that was even more interesting. I just remember enjoying being in the atmosphere of his creativity, watching him learn to play the piano. Him executing the ability to play by ear and sing. Back then I was the annoying little sister. I wasn’t welcomed in the room when practices were happening. But I remember distinctly that they always had to find someone’s house to rehearse at. My mom would always ask who’s house and make sure it was ok with the parents. Even my more athletic brother would practice his football in the athletic department at Webster High School. They had the fields and locker rooms for lifting and camaraderie. If they needed a pep talk from the coach it was all there; very structured. I didn’t understand why this wasn’t a thing for my brother who was a singer. 

That was early on in my life. I was probably 11/12 years old at that time. Then there was college.. It was during my freshman year at Northeastern State University that I discovered “Spoken Word” and Poetry Events. I was already a storyteller and I loved writing but in college I accepted an invitation to attend a poetry night on campus. This would be the moment that changed the trajectory of what I wanted to do with my life. I walked into something that explained how my brains worked. It was a visual of how I look at my surroundings and the people in my life. It was my language and I did not want to leave that moment nor that place. The warm colors in the room, to see people dress in outfits that were free and loud and subtle. The Sound of the piano created a frequency that was so enticing and intriguing. I sat down and watched the night progress from each poet telling stories that made sense and others that didn’t. But it was the energy and commitment that they made to themselves to tell “us” the audience about it. These people were a Paradox.  So I made it my life’s mission to re-create that experience for people like me that speak a visual and poetic language. I wanted to reach those people that felt awkward in normal atmospheres. The introvert is the most underestimated group of people. Because we dont have alot of words but we have much to say and show the world.

What aspect of the Paradox’s new space are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to seeing how people invest in themselves and turn their creative ideas into a profit for them while in the creative birthing space. I have a few things that I am adding to the Paradox that I think creatives would enjoy having at their fingertips.

What is the best way to use your website and utilize the space resources to the best of the artist’s availability?

The website will be utilized best when becoming a member of The Paradox Place email group. In the days to come we will also be setting up a community so that everyone will be able to stay in the loop about who is showcasing at The Paradox Place. We want people to know how to actively support other creatives in their field. There is a path to making sure everyone feels supported and has access to the resources necessary for their next level. The Paradox Place availability is 24 hours, for those late night and early morning projects.

The best way to use the space is on a 30day basis. We are allowing up to a month’s rent at any given time. We understand sometimes an artist needs several weeks to execute a project and space may be needed. However this is a first come first serve basis. We must be able to service as many creatives as possible, The monthly option will have some very specific criteria to meet. As we want to keep the Paradox at the maximum level of inspirational and creative birth experience.

What events coming up are you looking forward to?

Please make sure to check our social media pages, website and join the email list for any events that we will be having. We want to maintain an exclusive experience at our events, so you must stay in the loop. VIP members coming soon.

In our previous conversation, you mentioned this business venture did not come without its challenges. Can you share your family’s journey?

My daughter is now sixteen. She was 12 when she was diagnosed with Lupus. When Brooklyn was 15 years old she had to face an even harder time. During the Pandemic March of 2020 she had a Lupus flare that targeted her kidneys that left her with less than 16% functioning kidney. She was then diagnosed with end stage renal disease. Brooklyn was in the hospital for about 1 month and was sent home to be on dialysis for 10 hours a day 6 days a week.  We were told that she needed a new kidney. After learning that I was a match for Brooklyn and caring for my other children I had to completely stop working and took on entrepreneurship. Brooklyn is still in need of a Kidney. The best kidney Brooklyn can have is from a family member but until I can meet certain requirements I will not be able to donate. Brooklyn is doing much better than she was last year, she is finding a sense of normalcy and staying positive during the process. She never complains about her condition and just is ready to go back to school and get a car so that she can start driving. She is a sketch artist and uses that to pass time she wants to be an engineer when she grows up. 

If anyone would like to donate they can contact Lesli at OU Transplant center (405)271-8001 press option 1, then extension 50448

How’d you connect with the models and can you get into the list of your friends, family and sponsors that helped this come to fruition?

Because I personally am a fashion creative my clothing line “Lisa J” and “Stylish Branding & Fashion Agency” which creates campaigns and launches for fashion brands, beauty brands, public figures, and entertainers. I have been blessed to have a network of Models that I work with. The amount of  talent that I am constantly running into on production sets and commercial projects is amazing. 

I could not have made the weekend happen without my mother Barbara Sales who allowed me in her home so that I can work on my dream and purpose. My Project Manager Leroicia Penney. My several mentors encourage me on a daily basis to never stop. Angela Allen whom I can call anytime to be a part of the team. Azsurdee Sade who gave me my first opportunity for a runway project! 

I would like to thank our friends at “Clean Hands” for allowing us to use their courtyard.  Jaylen Love “Her Purpose Events”.   “Heritage Event Co.” Jus Faye, her dance team Keith Happy Feet, Majest Pearson and Mecca, Reginald Corbit owner of “Nathan Mason Hats” Jenai Vandyke “Lifted Artistry” Rashid & Khalid Lowe with their Security Service. Kasey Alcott Photography

Strutting the Red Carpet Runway

Each photo has a following photo that helps to tell its story. The magic of this runway show could not be captured in solely one frame, as the models grooved to the beat and truly went above and beyond with their “walks.” I put parentheses over the fashion term because walk was an understatement of how each model presented the art form that was cotton and silk. Look and see how their melanin shined within each contemporary design.

Grand Opening Runway Models:  Braxtyn Campbell, Patricia Brooks, Tish Nunley, Diamone, Folasade Oguntomi, Davontai, Tony Williams, Danee Thomas, Mary Alicia-Kay & Son, Rejeanna Walker , Jared, Tre’Shiana Dean 

Sponsors for my grand opening were “Salty” Demetria Tyler “Naturally Versatile Boutique” Jennifer Brown, Shavonda Pannell, Beatrice Lanise Graham

Anything else you would like to add or promote, Lisa?

If you want to maximize your potential for a successful brand and project launch Stylish Branding & Fashion Agency in the avenue that you want to take we build custom campaigns for you and what your vision is, come Lisa Jae at the Paradox. The cost of the studio is included if needed. But it’s a one stop shop for what you are looking for to get a jump start on your brand.


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