New Paradox Creative Space Showcases Black Artistry During their Fashion Week

The Paradox Grand Opening Paradox Grand Opening last month was fashion forward. Before the 2021 Met Gala Red Carpets and NY Fashion Week, Tulsa modeled local pieces around a smooth planned program that brought The Voice Tulsa star Jus Faye with her background dancers, Majeste Pearson and Mecca to the stage opening it up with…


GhostShips was inspired by a day trip to Arkansas. Frustrated with life and relationships, she drove away to get some air and came back with a song that she was hesitant to share due to its emotive content. After her band, the Midnight Sun, expressed their love for the song, she started performing it live and it quickly became a crowd favorite.

The Girls Room

The Girls Room is a girl fronted band led with music written by Derubeis from Tulsa, Oklahoma.