Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: March

Penelope by Col3trane

A somber heavenly voice of defeat enters into the rain forrest with distinct sounds of water falling and birds chirping. Realizing “the world is their oyster” they embark on a serenade that takes three major twists to go after the a love they want most, their Penelope.

Col3trane exploits signs of true artistry by singing about two major journeys of passion. He seeks passion through Penelope, and he is fighting for recognition of his art. You can hear the fight of fame through his vocals.

The best part about this track is that it incorporates three completely separate tones. The first is very chill and calming, and then the song transitions into a deep dark tribal drum that creates an ora of relentless drive to get what’s deserved by the work presented. The last part of the song goes hard and exposes the hard twisted times Penelope’s relationship went through singing, “You need me more than I need me, you did a bunch of things I do not think yo unwanted to do. Misconception, misdirection, infectious you prove. I can’t trust you we through,” Col3trane expressed through his lyrics.

The beauty of “Penelope” is that you are able to hear the story without even having to listen to the lyrics. The artists use of diversity in sound and texture within the song is impeccable and fresh on the ears through each replay. “Penelope is a definite must hear.

Till its over by Anderson Paak

Anderson Paak is a classic favorite in the books of new age R&B/soul because he still incorporates classic sounds while maintaining the core essence of the genre. His newest release “Till it’s Over” is all about staying in the beautiful honeymoon phase of a relationship, or when you are just in a great spot with your significant other and are unsure of how long it will last.

over     The songs starts of slow with a fast paced back track that only escalades as Paak’s passion for his love grows and then the beat drops. When the beat drops, everything stops, and Paak’s raspy sensual voice stands alone to introduce a slow down fall. The only way of describing it is the moment when a body falls out of the sky, and everything feels so amazing, then the body of the song collides into a pit of butterflies, bright colors, and magical synths.

“Can’t a young man dream? Can’t we all have the life on the wide screen? What’s the point? Yeah, we had fun if only for the time being, but I’ma ride it ’till it’s over,” Paak sings the relatable sad realization that love is not always like the movies. Therefore in the little moments where they appear as perfect as motion pictures, we should bask in the moment.

Addictions by Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus has a gorgeous soft voice that fits well with her alternative songs. Her song “Addictions” of of her new alum “Historian” is a highly relatable song that seems fun to just jump around to.

It’s an interesting way to describe lust, love, or want for another. It is common to hear the words ‘I am addicted to you’, however Dacus uses a more accusatory approach singing, “You got addictions too it’s true.”

A light sway on a sunny day is what wraps the essence of this song into one. There is also a touch of nostalgia, as the songwriter sings of old times and happier days. A melody of fantasies constructed from construed memories, this song has a nice tune to it.

Change of Mind by Phonte (Feat. Freddie Gibbs)

Phonte released his new Hip Hop/Rap album titles “No News Is Good News”. The introduction pulls you in with the addition of soulful piano chords makes for an amazing composition. Freddie Gibbs vocals are pristine, and the flow Phonte spits on the track are nothing but perfect as they come across with ease.phonte

.    The best part about this song is its simplistic beauty and steady rise. It comes off as a classic Rap song with amazing vocals. The message is reassuring to indecisive individuals. So, if you have been unsure lately about a decision in your life, turn this bad boy on and relax.

Haunted House by Shy Shy Shy

“Haunted House” is a slow funky pop song that brings joy to your ears upon first listen. Shy Shy Shy’s newest production from their most recent album “Make Up”, is a fresh taste of pop music. The groups sound all together emits 70’s and 80’s vibes.

The bass guitar has a pattern of pulling on your heart strings, and the vocals will put your mind on a mental oceanic tidal wave. This song is smooth funk at its finest.

Grabba by Kidaf (Feat. Shuko)

“Grabba” is a psychedelic trippy bop that will make you want to hop as you walk. The track comes from Kidaf’s newest alum titled “In the Air”. At a short length of 2:26, the first thing you hear is a chuckle upon hitting the play button.

“Grabba” gives off care free vibes and a nice rasta vocal mixed with hip hop/rap flows and funky synths. A nice diversified tune that will have your body moving in more ways than one after experiencing it.

Count It Up by L.A Women

“Count It Up” has a nice pop tropical feel to it. The artist has a chill tone to his descriptive lyrics that point out their Los Angelas esc surroundings. All of the instruments combined provide your ears with a vacation from the more typical average sounds experienced regularly. L.A Women are a highly suggested new artist to explore.


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