Brother Snoop

On March 16, 2018 Snoop Dogg released his new 32 track gospel album. No, there is no typo in that last sentence. The infamous Snoop Dogg has released a 2 hour and 14 minute project praising the lord, and it is beautiful to say the least.

The album titled Bible of Love has a feature for every song except for “Voices of Praise” which naturally includes a choir to back up Snoop Dogg’s solo verses and chorus.

Rolling Stone

What makes this album so great is the fact that it was produced by Snoop Dogg more so than performed by Snoop Dogg. With a plethora of great talent such as Faith Evans, music legend Patti LaBelle, West Coast rap vet Daz Dillinger and Doggystyle Records’ signee October London, Bible of Love is a piece of art made by and for sinners and saints alike.

Snoop Dogg’s platform brings forth multiple opportunities of outreach, henceforth allowing the gospel to reach more viewers than the regular demographic of churchgoers who regularly tune into the gospel. Other than Snoop Dogg’s lyric in “Words are Few”, questioning intake amount of pot, Snoop Dogg stays true to his roots and his collaborators stayed true to theirs.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is titled “Love for God” preaching about how many ways we have to love the lord even if it is just for the little things. Similar to all the tracks on the project, “Love for God” has a classical gospel feel to it. Good ‘ole soulful vibes that replenish the spirit.


Bible of Love is unlike anything else that Snoop Dogg has released. Through tracks such as “Always Got Something to Say”, Snoop Dogg’s straight flows and great familiar lyricism shine through. Even through majorly producing, Snoop Dogg’s natural swag can be heard through the music on the new album.

For listeners who believe that the track list is far too long to enjoy or cipher through, then welcome to black church. It is powerful, emotional, and a whole lot longer than you thought it would be. Overall, both prove to exceed your expectations and keep you coming back for more.

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