Flower Boy

Tyler, The Creator is a special character in my book. Tyler’s music can be pretty hard to digest because his lyrics are vulgar, the images he depicts are grotesque, and everything else he produces, such as his tv show “Loiter Squad” and segments on Viceland, have references to genitalia and controversial race issues. Tyler’s style…

Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: August

Welcome back to Medley’s Monthly Mixtape. You already know the deal. If this is your first time here, then let me break it down for you. The songs listed below are for listeners who are looking for a great time, new music, or just some good vibes to spread around. When you plug these new…

Medley’s Musical Horoscope

This is an interactive way to learn more about yourself and find new music to listen to while you are at it. Don’t be selfish enough to stop with your own sign. Find your friend’s sign, your lover’s sign, and while you’re at, it go ahead and find your dog’s sign, idc. Comment below what…


GhostShips was inspired by a day trip to Arkansas. Frustrated with life and relationships, she drove away to get some air and came back with a song that she was hesitant to share due to its emotive content. After her band, the Midnight Sun, expressed their love for the song, she started performing it live and it quickly became a crowd favorite.

SoundCloud Can’t Afford to Die

How It all Started: Soundcloud was started in Berlin in 2013 by two swedes named Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. Their vision became a reality when they launched what is now the “Youtube of audio”. Their motive lives on as their platform allows all users to share audio or free. It became the perfect way to discover new,…

Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: July

Welcome to the domain where underground art rises from the ashes for a brief moment like a phoenix only to land in that pretty little device of yours to get played on repeat.

MisFest: Women’s Music Festival

Music is the sway of her hair as it swings through the melodies in the air. Music is the stomp of her boot as she commands the drums and drives the percussion. Music is on the tip of her fingers as they dance over strings and keys. Music is in her yell and her whisper as she calls out her story. Music is in her muscles, bones and blood as she dances to a beat that no one knows but she. She is music and Music is she.