MisFest: Women’s Music Festival

Music is the sway of her hair as it swings through the melodies in the air. Music is the stomp of her boot as she commands the drums and drives the percussion. Music is on the tip of her fingers as they dance over strings and keys. Music is in her yell and her whisper as she calls out her story. Music is in her muscles, bones and blood as she dances to a beat that no one knows but she. She is music and Music is she.

The Vanguard Sells Out!

Neoromantics, The Young Vine, and Manta Rays become the first local bands to sell out The Vanguard

The Girls Room

The Girls Room is a girl fronted band led with music written by Derubeis from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

DAMN. Damn is right. Album Review.

The night that this album drop I binged it all. Every last song. Being the avid music journalist I am, I decided to write down my initial thoughts as I listened to Kendrick’s music. Welcome to my first impressions.      BLOOD– The experience in the first song, Blood, is revolutionary. I jumped. I do not…