Ausi and Winny Flows, HippieTree Shoots at the Big Apple

For Ausi album drop, “Emocean”

In collaboration with Tulsa Lines and Indy Pot News

Ausi and Winny Flows are adding to Tulsa’s list of dynamic duos with their new group, HippieTree. HippieTree may be a duo, but their third musketeer is behind the scenes on the production side, London Canon (Winny Flows brother). They’re taking after Tulsa legends such as Super Splash Bros and other collectives like FILA by traveling to put Tulsa on the map this Saturday in KoreaTown, New York when they debut Austin’s latest project, “Emocean.” 

Two music videos are set to drop with their performance, and more music video shooting and promotion for HippieTree will be captured in the big apple. An artist from NBA Youngboy’s label, Doggi Krazy, is headlining HippieTree’s performance in the big city, it’ll be their first out of state show out of over 20 overall since 2019.

“[Working together] brings everything together as a whole,” Ausi said. “If you have two artists that are confident and they know what they can bring to the table. It really helps form the team for sure.”

Groups and collectives have been around for decades. The usual formula being that one artist is selected from the group as the lead singer or rapper. This all changed with collectives like Fire In Little Africa that saw an opportunity to take some of the solo dopest artists in the state and put together a collective, all set on putting Oklahoma on the map. And sounding pretty fucking dope while doint it.

This is the approach of rap artist Ausi when forming the group HippieTree, a collective of artists Ausi, Winny Flows, and the more behind the scenes artist London. This collective has also allowed Ausi to concentrate on his own project while also learning new skills from others.

As excited as we all are to hear what’s in the HippieTree vault under Ausi key, we can predict what’s to come based on his consistency in 2020 alone. 

Ausi dropped three singles, the first being “Turn the Lights On”, which is an unapologetic Ausi rapping about his life and where he plans to take it. The second track “Lemonade” spits about how he’s taken the old saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. And the track is a refreshing vibe for the summer. 

The last single “Eat Up” showcases his knack for clever wordplay as he feasts on the beat. These tracks left his listeners wondering what’s next for Ausi, and on August 20th his listeners will get his answer. The speedy flows are back, the clever rhyme scheme and advanced and lyrical flows remain. What differs is the independent production process. Ausi is becoming a master at his trade in all aspects with HippieTree.

I definitely feel most confident in my recording process and just writing and editing the songs. Because for about a year straight, I started going to Solaray Studios to record all my music,” Ausi said about the production.

Winny Flows, the other half to the HippieTree duo, recorded his entire last album, “Dedicated,”  with the production power of Ausi and London. Ausi took a lot of his inspiration and growth in engineering from Solaray Studios.

“I learned a lot from him, actually. Solray, shout out to him. I’d say taking a step away from going to the studio and taking the time to just teach myself how to actually record it, edit it, and just do it right,” Austin added. “Teaching myself how to do all of those things is the biggest step I’ve taken into becoming a fully independent artist.”

A common theme in Ausi’s music is an Asian American kid who is seen as a “nerd” navigating his way through life and the lessons it has taught him along the way. This led him to the mecca of hip-hop, New York. Where he plans to shoot two videos as well as release some of the music that he’s been stockpiling for “emocean”.

“Emoceanis the very first track from the project. There is a line that goes, ‘But I can’t get caught up in emotion, nothing but waves inside the ocean coming and going,’” Ausi said. 

”That line kind of speaks for the whole project because the whole project is just a wave of different emotions that any human can go through whether it’s being happy, sad, angry, anxious, paranoid, confident, whatever it may be, you can find all of that in the project. That line kind of just symbolizes. You know, waves of emotions come and go constantly. They’re here, and then you watch them go.” 

What else is in the works for Ausi? Two music videos, three big features that include TDE, Alex Wiley, Sneak the Poet and YG Tut, an artist affiliated with Isaiah Rashad. And of course the project “emOCEAN” that is set to release August 21.


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