Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: August

Welcome back to Medley’s Monthly Mixtape. You already know the deal. If this is your first time here, then let me break it down for you.

The songs listed below are for listeners who are looking for a great time, new music, or just some good vibes to spread around. When you plug these new tracks into your friends aux, they will have no choice but to make you the designated DJ for all future road trips to come.

Fake Denim by Quinn XCII


The first song is a pop single from an upcoming artist by the name of Quinn XCII. The song tells a story through the artists eyes who is breaking up with his girlfriend because she is a gold digger that consistently drains him of money that he doesn’t have.

Quinn XCII‘s voice has a small Indie grooves attached to it. Mixed in with the funky snaps and synths, this record has pop written all over it. I can imagine Quinn’s complaints of hosting a spoiled partner being on the radio at this very minute.

Anybody, girlfriend or not, can hum this tune on the daily. Quinn is singing from the point of view of a penny pincher, which in this economy is highly relatable.

Lonely by Mac Ayres

Mac Ayres designed a beautiful smooth R&B/Soul jam when he created this song. “Lonely” is a very laid back track with a soft toned melody. The song has a very repetitive style in terms of rhythm which may seem annoying. However, when the chorus kicks in you forget all about the music’s faults, they suddenly disappear.

The message is adorable to the core. Ayres touches on the vulnerability that comes with sleeping alone. His partner struggles with the cold feeling of Ayres’ absence regardless of their conflicting issues in the relationship.

“Lonely” is another relatable listed track. There will come a time, if one has not yet presented itself, where the character of the warmth  laying next to you won’t matter. The fact that a body is there will bring you enough happiness within itself.

Sirens by Sonder

Here is another smooth R&B/Soul track that you need to add to your musical library. “Sirens” is a highlighted track off of Sonder’s debut album who got his start on the website SoundCloud.

vmms8wgg     The intro sets off the mood with a sensual chord progression played solely on the grand piano. The record then goes a cappella with only the artist’s snaps to back up his soulful voice. Afterwards, a guitar joins in the mix and eventually all instruments link together to create a symphony of powerful soft soul.

The message of “Sirens” is miniature auto biography of Sonder with the overlaying mantra singing, “If I closed the door and shut my mouth I wouldn’t be here right now. If I cared what they was talking about I wouldn’t be here right now.” Basically meaning, do not be afraid to say what you truly mean and be yourself while doing so.


Navajo by Masego

The sample on “Navajo” is beautifully put together at the first 20 seconds of listening to the track. The beat that follows the cartoonish voice goes harder than a ton of bricks. If all of that is not enough, Masego’s voice is a unique piece of art that is underestimated to the nth degree.

The message of “Navajo” is a bit confusing, and to this day I do not fully comprehend it. To my best  interpretation, Masego has fallen for a girl who he thought was Indian (Native American). Regardless of her true race, she left him. Now, Masego is sad and reflecting on the beauty he let slip through his fingers.

The variance in Masego’s beats, rhythm, and sound is astounding. This single must have taken a lot of time to prepare due to all of the small parts that make it amazing. Masego’s saxophone skills are killer on the overall set as well.

Waterfalls by Luke Christopher

“Waterfalls” introduction gives off the impression of a dance hit that is waiting to build up, however it is the exact opposite. As the song progresses the tone of the music grows softer ae38f8867dcaa922906f2bb41a94c4be-1000x1000x1and more elegant. Luke Christopher lists off things that are associated with fairytale love stories when in reality the true definition of love is “you and me.”

Christopher’s voice contains a certain swag that contrasts with his beautiful soulful held out notes in his music. As a producer, singer, rapper, and songwriter, Christopher is the complete dream team wrapped up in one male.

I would hope to hear more music like this bless the mainstream airwaves of local cities. Regardless if this song makes it big or not, you can save the day by introducing your friends to the amazing sound that is Luke Christopher’s “Waterfalls”.

Blame by Tora

“Blame” is the most simple of the songs listed above, and one of the most well constructed. It is an electro-pop hit that has alternative written all over it. Tora repeats their one line over and over again against a groovy in sync beat. “Blame” is an overall well produced piece of work.

Tora doesn’t bless the listener with his voice until 1:48 in the song. Despite “Blame’s” EDM vibes, the song never fully goes over the edge. Chiller than the arctic, but grooves deeper than the record it’s plastered on- this song is a must play.

Belong to You by Sabrina Claudio

sabrina_claudio     Forget the arctic, Sabrina Claudio made this song to be chiller than Antartica. “Belong to You” is the ultimate jam to claim your partner. It sounds like a Sunday relaxation theme song you put on when cruising down the street on a beautiful evening stroll.

The message consists of Claudia commanding her partner to grab hold of her because she belongs to him. The gist is clear and straight forward. What makes this tune stand out is the delivery.

Claudia has the vocals of a literal angel. The techno synths that mash off of each other during the chorus is icing on the cake of sound that makes her music. At any moment in time when you begin to doubt if beauty can be heard by the human ear then turn this track on and just lean back to enjoy.


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