Medley’s Musical Horoscope

This is an interactive way to learn more about yourself and find new music to listen to while you are at it.

Don’t be selfish enough to stop with your own sign. Find your friend’s sign, your lover’s sign, and while you’re at, it go ahead and find your dog’s sign, idc. Comment below what you got!


Seasons by Greyson Chance– You will make a comeback from whatever rut you are in like Greyson did with this song. You will make a huge confession like Greyson recently came out as gay. Last but not least, you will look up this song and soon relate to its tale of moving on and overcoming adversity.


Mineral by OKBADLANDS– You are seriously just vibing through life right now, and like this song you refuse to lose ties with a specific someone. In the end, your choice to keep that special person by your side will work out for the better.


Surround Me by LEON– You will soon be surrounded by something that makes you happy. Like Leon, your surprise will not come into action until you take the first step into getting off your butt and letting it take you all the way. When it happens, you will know and serenity will envelope your soul.


Flat Champagne by Dan Caplen– This upcoming month, you will get turnt on life due to something miniscule. You will enjoy your friends and have a good time, for no other reason than just because.


Am I the Only One by Jacquie– You are feeling like a real outsider lately as Jacquie sings “Am I the only one who’s not okay, everything I know is about to change, and I can’t help it.” She is right. You can not help it, and that is okay. Be different, and soon the insiders will follow your lead. Also you should jam out to this song while you are at it.


Aftertaste by TOTEM– You will come into contact with a new love. It could be a man, woman, food, or activity. Whatever it is, you will find yourself heavily involved and obsessed with this new found love. The Aftertaste will course throughout you, so maybe let it happen.


The Bird by Anderson Paak– A bird will come with some word to you. This word will put you into motion. You will put all of your focus onto this word, and you will make a change. Follow the greats, and hear this tune while you are at it.


Omw by Johnny Balik– You are on your way somewhere. The journey will be great, but whatever is waiting for you on the other side is even greater. You may travel far, but it will be worth it. Try not to speed on your way there because regardless, you will eventually be there. You will love it.


Hi Grade by Angel– You will find a ‘smoke buddy’ per say. Even if you do not smoke, a good ride or die friend is on their way. Down the line there will be an opportunity to make your relationship more than friends. You do not have to take it any where you do not want to, but the opportunity will most definitely be there.


All These Kisses by Tammy RiveraWhether they are kisses or love or material things, you will soon shower someone in some much needed attention. This person has been down in the dumps for a while and they were waiting on your devotion. Basically speaking, you will soon make somebody’s day.


Learn To Let Go by Kesha– Finally, you are exorcising the demons inside of you and learning to let go of something. Eventually, this memory or thing will be fully rid of your system, and off of your shoulders.


Learn To Let Go (Official Video) by Kesha on VEVO.


Boys by Charlie XCX– This could mean one of three things. 1. You have boys on your mind like crazy, and will not be cured until you get one… good luck. 2. You are a boy who has a secret admirer who is closer to you than you would think… address them and break them from their spell. 3. Neither of those options fit you, and this is only your theme song because one of your favorite artists who pops up in Charlie XCX’s famous music video that features a ton of famous male musicians.


Boys (Official Video) by Charli XCX on VEVO.

Main Image Credit: Gabi Xavier

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