Don’t avert your eyes from the words you are currently reading if you want to be indulged with the voice of an angel, band of supporters, and debut single that is anticipated to shake the boat of Tulsa, Oklahoma (or in this case, to shake the ghost ship).

THE NEW SINGLE IS OUT NOW!! So click below to have a listen, and enjoy the sound of Tulsa’s very own singer Casii Stephan.

“It’s a song about vulnerability, honesty, and acknowledging when you’re wrong,” says band leader Casii Stephan “I went to Arkansas and wrote the majority of it in less than two hours. Didn’t think it was much… But the band loved it and so I refined it and gave it the La, La, La hook.”

Casii Stehpan made a gem whenever this blessed tune made it’s way into her stream of consciousness. The song tells a gripping tale of a rocky relationship that still has hope forCASIISTEPHAN-TONYLI-07162017-013 the future. I can imagine this track being a top billboard hit on the radio if given enough publicity. It is just the uplifting singer/songwriter sound that our nation needs right now.

So go on, share this with your friends, and comment below what you think of Stephan’s melody.

All of the good reviews explained in her bio say it all. Casii Stephan with her backing band, the Midnight Sun, is a force to be reckoned with. Their sound is perfectly composed and refreshing as cold water under beating sunsets.


     Casii has had more success with music than ever before. All within the past twelve months, Casii has won an Independent Music Award for her single, “I Like The Way”, has performed an official SXSW Showcase, and has co-founded and co-produced Tulsa’s first female-driven music festival called MisFEST, the Music is She Festival.Casii Stephan has a voice that you won’t soon forget. With comparisons to Florence Welch, Fiona Apple, and Carole King, her voice will envelope your soul like a “warm blanket” (Tulsa World). Growing up shy and scared of her own voice, Casii began to write songs on the family piano at sixteen years old.CASIISTEPHAN-TONYLI-07162017-002

Finding a voice through music, she began to communicate her life through song. When life pushed an ordinary story line in her face, music gave her hope for the extraordinary. Now she sings with the power of knowing herself and is unafraid to share with others. Her songwriting is full of pop hooks that will get stuck in your head and emotional lyrics that will speak to your heart.With many early successes, Casii is “poised to pounce in
2017” (Jerry Wofford, Tulsa World Magazine).

She received the esteemed title of “one of nine Oklahoma musicians to watch in CASIISTEPHAN-TONYLI-07162017-0422017”. Casii plans to release her new single, GhostShips and perform at many local festivals this year. GhostShips was inspired by a day trip to Arkansas. Frustrated with life and relationships, she drove away to get some air and came back with a song that she was hesitant to share due to its emotive content. After her band, the Midnight Sun, expressed their love for the song, she started performing it live and it quickly became a crowd favorite. She collaborated again with Kenny Davis (Nashville, TN), who produced “I Like The Way” and is eager to release the song in August 2017.

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In order to celebrate the release of Stephan’s new single, they performed a single release concert at Chimera Coffee Shop. Famous local performer Branjae was in attendance, and opened up the festivities with her jazzy duo ensemble.

20155611_1385855554784098_4984117201536435470_n          As popular opinion mentioned, Stephan’s voice does carry some resemblance to Florence Welch, and so does her professionalism. If you have not already checked out the linked article above on her previous work with bringing an all women music festival to her city, then click here.

Also, don’t forget to support your local artists, and you can start by checking out more of Casii Stephan’s work in the links below.














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