Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: May

Austin Says So – The Girls Room

     THIS BAND IS ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS! I am not just saying that because I am writing a full feature over them nor solely for the fact that they are a local band whose members are genuine rock stars. I am also not boasting because they rocked the stage at

The Girls Room at Norman Music Festival

Norman Music Festival (which I also wrote and article over linked here) nor for the sole reason that their lead singer is also apart of a kickass all girls group called Planet What who Normal Publication wrote about in their second edition. Nor did I type in all caps due the the Planet What’s killer performance at Tulsa Overground (which I am also doing a story over stay tuned) or for the sole fact that their lead guitarist is apart of a killer band called The Danner Party who has performed all over Tulsa. NO! I’m writing in all caps due to all of those reasons, every single last one. They are an amazing band, bound for amazing things so stay tuned.

This song specifically was their first recorded track as a group. The lyrics were written by their lead singer and rhythmic guitarist, Jay Derubeis. The song was inspired after a breakup of her past band, the Dun Duns, and relationship.

“It is originally about a boy, but it’s called Austin says so because at that point my ex-band mate moved to Austin. My boyfriend randomly broke the news that he was going to move to Austin [Texas], and I felt like my world was falling apart,” says Derubeis “Dun Duns broke up that halloween, two weeks later he told me that he was moving,  I was like ”cause Austin says so?’ So I was just mad at Austin. The lyrics could be a little bit more specific, but I think it’s easy to figure out.”

Click the link above to get attached to their music on bandcamp. It’s definitely worth your while.

C U Around – PWR BTTM (Cover by Josh Reed)

     This is a demo cover by a really close friend of mine named Josh Reed. When asked why he chose this song, and more specifically, this band to cover his response said it all.

Josh Reed performing at Cain’s Ballroom



     “PWR BTTM has managed to put into words what I have been needing to hear from someone as a young little gay for years, there music gives me a sense of enormous well being because it reminds me that there are people out there who know what I’m going through, and in a world where you are relatively disenfranchised against that can be a very comforting feeling,” says Reed “They manage to convert these feelings into explosive high energy punk music with souls and passion to it.”

     Reed’s version is nearly identical to the original, if not better in sound, with some added personal touches. This cover is just a demo, and the full version is coming soon. Follow JDOOD on soundcloud for more great music.

Young Hearts – NoMBe

     Electronic music has never been a favorite genre of mine, but this young beautiful artist has made me download countless artworks-000207468288-lmevv8-t500x500tracks with his name written all over them. This
song, in particular, is golden. It is simplistically great with synths to replace a symphony. The beginning vocals are a little rough, but the guitar backing him up makes up for his soft and slightly off tune whispers. Plus, nowadays, you don’t have to be the best singer to come out with the best songs. Art is subjective, and there is no such thing as perfect. Young Hearts encompasses the definition of chill. There is literally a ten second interlude of NoMBe just snapping his fingers to the beat. This song is a solid 10/10 for being innovative and creative toward their own sound. There is probably no aspect that I appreciate more in music than solely being true to your own sound.

Violet – Hippo Campus

     If you are a solid fan on alternative rock, and you are not aware of this band’s existence then I suggest you educate yourself promptly. My discovery of them came by hippocampuschance while browsing through new music, and I am quite upset that I had little knowledge of them earlier. They fit the aesthetic of an alternative rock band involving four skinny brunettes with bright colors. Their music videos are filled with abstract art and hidden messages. So, if you are down for a potential back track to a teen angst movie- or just good music in general then do yourself a favor and click on that link above.

Good Woman – La’Porsha Renae

     She is no Beyonce, but she is apparently righteous enough in soul to fool my mother when I played her song through the aux cord.”Play that Yoncé song one more time, what laporsha-renae-already-all-ready-2was that?” Mom says. Well, mom, that was non other than La’Porsha. She is a season 15 runner up from American Idol where she was discovered and signed with Motown/Universal Records, Big Machine Records, and 19 Recordings Inc. Her voice is one in a million on the charts. La’Porsha has been through thick and thin in her past life, and when listening to her music you can vividly hear the pain and strife she has been through. For any soul lovers out there, add this to your music library, and you will be happy you did.

Let It Pass – Jakob Ogawa

     Similar to Young Hearts, this alternative song is simple and chill. The vocals are more melodic in sound, and the guitar that backs up the lead singer puts you in a trance. Bejakobogawa_colorsberlin_thumb careful while listening to this song on a road trip because you may knock out, pleasantly. At around two minutes, this song seems short and leaves you wanting more. The artist, Jacob Ogawa, only has two other songs released for purchase which are decent in their own way so be sure to check those out as well if you like good music (which I’m sure you do… who doesn’t?).

Saturnz Barz – Gorillaz

     Here is another band that I was really bummed to just now discover in my music library. Honestly have I been living under a rock for the past 18 years? Gorillaz are iconic. They are so legendary that some people believe their newest album, Humanz, does not come close to their great songs from the past.512q76cqy4L._SS500 Having fresh ears towards this band, however, and no knowledge of their past work when discovering their new album, I was pleased by their new stuff. When I dug deeper into their previous albums I was even more pleased. It was cool to hear electronic rock music mixed with reggae thanks to their collaborators, Popcaan, who are well known for their caribbean background. The music video was even cooler than the track itself. I chose to watch it in the 360 view using a cardboard VR set. I felt as if I had transported into another dimension. I also felt like I was going to be nauseous, but I guess the future is not for everybody. Would 10/10 recommend this song to new Gorillaz fans and old.


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