How to Be Normal

     If you are reading this article then congratulations, you know how to read! Therefore I am going to assume you know how to write as well, and you will need both of these talents in order to participate in the following artistic news source called Normal Publication. 

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   “Normal is a youth culture publication dedicated to redefining normal by showcasing creatives in our community,” says Bryan Roberts, Editor and Chief of Normal Publication, in an email to the Torch “We wanted it to be a household name and feel like home when you picked it up much like it feels when you watch that favorite movie from your childhood. We want it to not only feature the most creative people in Tulsa but to also be a masterpiece of creativity itself.”

     The publication is a two man operation done by Roberts and his partner Michael Cunningham.

     “It basically began as a brainstorm I had from being bored to death with the world of wedding videography,” says Roberts “Luckily at the same time Michael had just graduated college and was struggling to find his calling as a photographer. We wanted steady work and to also be our own boss and dictate that work 100% to our liking”

     Normal Publication was born in the summer of 2016, and Issue one was released on Halloween of 2016.  

    “We really had no clue how to make a magazine, so it’s been a huge learning experience,” says Roberts “We still aren’t where we want to be but every issue we have drastically improved and we have been blown away by the support Tulsa has given us and our creation.”

     Normal Publication has a few goals for their distribution.

     “First and foremost, we set out to redefine the word normal in our generation,” says Roberts “We want to take the standard model of a normal life or a normal job and smash it to pieces. The way we execute this is by simply showing you the people in our very own city who are redefining normal every day. Despite popular belief there are a few cool things about growing up, one being that your generation gets to make the new rules, you get to define the new normal and I believe strongly that it’s shifting.

[The word] Normal will no longer be a 9 to 5 in a cramped cubicle drinking room temperature coffee. We try to step in  and just say wait a sec, remember that thing you love? Maybe that could be what you do for the next 50 years.”

     Through the last pages of each Normal edition there is a segment titled “These are your friends” where they interview strangers that they meet at the coffee shop Shades of Brown. Their main articles involve profile pieces of creative Tulsan artist throughout the community and advertisements of creative spaces and outlets.

     “We show you artists, musicians, and creators of all types who in the eyes of most people are living extraordinary lives and label them Normal as boldly as we can,” says Roberts.

    The aesthetic for their work has a retro feel in perspective to their layout and choice in fashion for their models.

    “Our main influences for the publication stem mostly from our childhood. You can see the 80s and 90s pop culture influence heavily in our magazine and it’s always going to be that way,” says Roberts “We wanted to create a cult-classic with this project.”

Another goal for Normal Publication, especially in their third issue that releases in

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Instagram @normalpublication and @tulsaoverground

May at the Tulsa Overground film and music festival, and all their issues to come, is to deliver content that discusses things that effect and will affect our culture.

     “We want to be the youth of Tulsa’s source of printed and digital news,” says Roberts.

     Facebook has basically become the main source of news for our generation but what is shared and viewed is not always factual.

    “We want to do our best to bring important issues to the attention of young people who are bombarded everyday with pointless content,” says Roberts “We want young people to be involved in shaping what Tulsa will become and to do so. They not only need to care but they need to be informed accurately.”

      They have done coloring pages inside Issue two and Issue three will be in 3D with a rad pair of glasses attached to each copy.
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    “It’s a nice break from the minimalistic style that is currently popular and we believe it’s completely different from anything you will pick up not only in Tulsa but anywhere else,” says Roberts.

They want students and young people in this city to join their movement. They want to create the network that connects the youth to other like-minded people. The best way to do that is to follow them on Instagram @normalpublication to see how you can be involved with them.

     “We wanna talk to you! So always feel free to send us a message, especially if you believe you or someone you know should be featured in Normal,” says Roberts.

    CLICK HERE to order your own editions of Normal Publication, and contact them on their website or any of their social medias to get in on some of the action.



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