Norman Music Festival


     Although I only got to see one bad, The Girls Room, I must say that the layout of events were magnificent. Every store you passed had live music playing at close vicinity. Therefore, IMG_8758when the sound of one band stopped or faded outward another one instantly started to rumble your eardrums.

    The concert that I went to go see, specifically was awesome. Listeners filtered in and out of the venue, and every viewer had a smile on their face or was nodding their heads to the music.

    More about The Girls Room on the next feature… linked here.


    The ferris wheel looked absolutely stunning next to the main stage. I wish I could have entered into the carnival, but once you have attended one fair it is like you have been to them all. Frankly, the carnival was just a small part of the festival, and it was a nice touch.

Guestroom Records

File_001 (1)    My favorite part of the whole walkway was, surprisingly not the carnival, Guestroom Records. If you have not been to their music store, then I suggest you take a road trip just to visit if not to buy anything. However, the owner was not shy to kick out loiters who were just shopping around when we walked through the door. There was a band playing out back for them, so business was booming. I’m assuming due to the hoard of broke college students attending the free festival, their sales were not as hot as their turnout was.


    The overall vibe of the Norman Music Festival was amazing. On a scale of one to ten I would give it a solid six point five. It was averagely good, not really any shock value added. Just a great ‘ol time with some friends on a nice sunny day (or rainy depending on which day you attended) while listening to a variety of talented local bands. One of those local bands to be featured soon on this site… stay tuned.


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