Between three music videos, over 20 hit singles, and a downtown gig that stirred people’s attention, Austin Yuen, 18, is consistantly progressing within his rap career a substantial amount with some help from his friends.

Yuen has been musically inclined for quite some time. Successs does not just come overnight, and this artist is living proof.

    “Music has been a part of my life since a young age. It’s something i’ve always been motivated to do. There is something I really admire about music and its effect on the world,” Yuen said.

    Yuen started working with a rap group called VIVID on August of 2015. The group consists of four professional rappers including Yuen himself.

    “We all came from different backgrounds but we all have the same ambition for music… We have all helped each other grow as artists and individuals. We push each other constantly, striving for progression,” Yuen said.

    In September of 2016, VIVID and Yuen opened up for the rapper Strange Music at the Vanguard in downtown Tulsa.

“Seeing people from school and my city vibing with us was all I could have asked for. It’s always an anxious feeling before going on stage, but once the music starts, it’s time to show what we can bring to the table,” Yuen said.

    The group held weekly cypher’s in broken arrow every tuesday at the beginning of fall 2016. A cypher is when a group of artists come together and freestyle rap which is a style of improvisation.

    “I love the diversity in everyone’s flow and personality. I get a feeling of inspiration when I see another person sharing the same passion for rap,” Yuen said.

    Another artist who works closely with Yuen is Winston cannon, 18. They met sophomore year and collaborated with each other on multiple occasions

    “We have worked on dozens of songs. Austin is the most open minded person I know. His outlook on life and his genuine spirit is the best part about him. Not to mention that he is the most talented person I know,” Cannon said.

    Yuen’s music on soundcloud was listened to by a range of 300-6,000 viewers. Yuen discussed what he wants the people who hear his music to take away.

    “I want people to see that there is a lot more than what meets the eye in this world. Many people are so consumed by everyday life that they don’t take the time to understand themselves and the potential that’s buried deep within us all,” Yuen said.

The group VIVID’s major actions involve the community surrounding them. For more inormation please check them out at VIVID Music on soundcloud or search Tulsa for more upcoming events.


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