Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: September

“Teenage Fantasy”¬†– Jorja Smith

Euphoric symphonies flow into your ear on a melodic stream filled with piano trills, a synth beat, and harp like vocal chords from an angel named Jorja Smith. That is how I would describe her single “Teenage Fantasy”.

“We all want a teenage fantasy. Want it when we can’t have it, when we got it we don’t seem to want it.” -Smith

The message behind this tune is incredibly relatable to younger audiences who are caught searching for love in all of the wrong places. Smith reminds listeners to be patient with romance. There is no need to rush because true love is on the way. Enjoy life and all of its wonders.

This songs has a smooth R&B/Soul groove. Smith has a small touch of indie to her style that leans well with the small choir like vocals on the back track.

Highly recommend this song to those who are spending too much time looking for true love, and not enough time appreciating themselves.

“Plants” – Crumb

If you are looking for a funky laid back space jam to hear for the purpose of unwinding after a long day or wake up to for the start of an optimistic morning, then you need to play “Plants” by Crumb.


This soft rock/ indie/ alternative/ hard to label group puts all other chill songs to sleep. Between the vocals, guitar, keys, and soft drum your eyes are guaranteed to feel heavy after you continue to hear this song on repeat.

The fact that this song can put you to sleep and equally start your day is not an insult. A versatile mix that fits every hour of the day. The abstract creativity in lyricism is quite beautiful as well.

“Don’t take me down where there’s no way out, no way in, the plants can’t breathe down here.”

What does that mean?! I am going to spend the next 30min. in the corner thinking deeply on its metaphoric sense.

“Sky Walker” – Miguel (feat. Travis Scott)

I am anticipating a new Miguel album. With two new singles and a total rebranding of his Instagram page, Miguel teases his fans with great new content that follows a gold

wallpapered theme. “Skywalker” is just one out of the two newest releases and it is phenomenal.

When I first heard this song it instantly reminded me of something that should be blasted from every radio speaker across America.

The song is telling a story about enjoying life and brushing off all of the haters. “Quick to dodge the bull like a matador.” plays on repeat throughout the track and the king of R&B himself is there to sing it.

Travis Scott adds a solid auto tuned verse that is hype enough to get any squad on their feet or swaying in their seats.

“Wicked Lies” – Elliot Root

The rasp in Elliot Root’s voice during the song “Wicked Lies” chorus is quite satisfying when balanced with his soft tones in the verses. This alternative rock underground hit involves chords and grooves that sound like they are smirking as they walk smug against the melody line.

The lyrics paint a picture of a relationship filled with lies that is on the brink of destruction. Root describes how the “Wicked Lies” are pulling them apart by the seams. A great hit for any individual looking for new music.

Too Good at Goodbyes – Sam Smith

Sam Smith comes back into the soul pop game with an amazing ballad about his numbness to heartbreak. “Too Good at Goodbyes” is a bitter sweet tale that is amplified through the golden silky smooth voice of Sam Smith.


He goes from whispers to belting his heart out. Every time a noise is released from his lips it is constantly solid and strong. There is a choir like back vocal and a snappy vibe to the beat that fires listeners to bop their head against the sound.

“Baby we don’t stand a chance, it’s sad but it’s true. I’m way too good at goodbyes.”

Moving Mountains – Syd

“Moving Mountains” is an R&B bop off of Syd’s solo album. The background has a great synthetic bass. Syd has a great mix of sensual vibes and exciting hype added to the track. “Moving Mountains” is one of those 2am songs in the car with a group of friends cruising that you play and appreciate.screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-11-18-37-pm-560x245

Syd sings about how she works her tail off for her partner who takes it for granted. The tone sends feelings of defeat on Syd’s part. I mean just look a that face… I would give up at this point too.


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    So incredibly talented . I am your biggest fan

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