Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: February

The month for love and Black History brought a boat load of beautiful love symphonies and rock loaded hits. Each new release brings something new to the table proving that music can only get better as our monthly mixes pass by.

Thought Contagion by Muse

Muse Bassist Chris Wolstenholme begins “Thought Contagion” plucking the strings of a beasts vocal chords. An eerie ensemble then joins the mix setting an electronic “Thriller” by Michael Jackson mood. Matthew Bellamy iconic vocals and guitar chords joined by a chorus shows listeners that their new single “Thought Contagion” means business.

The concept within its lyrical context is quite fake deep. It signifies the idea that mass outreach of different perspectives can take over your individuality and way of thinking. A year in the making of new material from Muse, the “Thought Contagion” music video follows the same apocalyptic storyline as the release of their May 2017 single “Dig Down”. At the beginning of the video you can see the main character playing the previous “Dig Down” music video as a video game, and *spoiler alert* at the end of “Thought Contagion” the same rule applied as he turned out to be a video game all along.

So, can we look forward to more new releases by the renown Muse that follow the same futuristic feel. Maybe a new post apocalyptic themed album is in the mix, or is it all just a game they are playing?

Moon River by Frank Ocean

vqikzg2     Love is in the air with this new rendition of Audrey Hepburn’s “Moon River”. Frank Ocean adds his own touch of style to the classic, starting it off with a familiar pipsqueak voice we heard off of his most recent project “Blonde”. With the strum of a lone guitar and the sweet deep touch of a male’s voice causes this syrupy remake to be a success.

When Ocean sounds like he is crying on a record, that is when the record makes others cry. “Moon River” has definite potential to jerk some tears.

Even single lovers on Valentines Day could appreciate the soft ballad cloud like sway. The lyrics do not add up to the original copy in any way, and that is a part of what makes it great.

10,000 Hours by PRETTYMUCH

Pop boy bands come and go, but their hits are here to stay. The initial draw in of “10,000 Hours” by PRETTYMUCH has everything to do with their sample of the group Shai’s song “If I ever fall in love”. Although their affection may only last one year and a couple of months when fully added up, their talent in making catchy music goes increasingly further. Shai pulled me in, but PRETTYMUCH made me want to stay and sing along.

Each artist in the group has something special to bring. As a collective, the group is very promising. Overall, the track brings memories of young love and ambition, and isn’t that what the month of love was built on?

Paramedic! by SOB X RBE, Kendrick Lamar

Busting down the doors of Black History Month , “Black Panther The Album” is making history alongside it’s iconic movie release. Kendrick Lamar’s arrangements were each a testament of African American culture with tribal themes to promote black excellence.

bpca     “Paramedic!” in itself stands out due to one of the hardest songs that describe the rough and tough fury in the struggle and strife of a black man. Everything about this song screams “Don’t Mess with Me” speaking to the warrior within.

Lamar took a risk having the same consistent back track play under the beat for such a long duration of the track. In this case it actually played out in his favor as each rapper brought their own unique diverse flow.

What brings the song together in all is it’s hook. “I wish a nigga would, I wish a bitch would,” are phrases that most black communities are incredulously familiar with. Finally, a catchy tune that can melodiously translate my anger when things are ready to pop off.

The Joke by Brandi Carlile

This touching singer/songwriter ballad is a reoccurring triumphant motivator to prove your disbelievers and haters wrong. If no one else believes in you just listen to this song and know that Brandie Carlile is here for you.

“Let ’em spin, let ’em scatter in the wind. I have been to the movies, I have seen how it ends. And the joke’s on them,” Brandi Carlile sings.

The piano and violins make for a somber atmosphere that paints the picture of defeat. That is when the the chord build up strains as her voice belts heavenly solid notes of overcoming all doubt.

In the year 2018, this song is needed to encourage new feats, embrace social change, and most importantly being your biggest loving supporter.

Love Lies by Khalid & Normani

     Normani, from Fifth Harmony, and Khalid bless our ears with new music for the upcoming new movie “Love, Simon”. A call to action for embracing true feelings. Being honest with not only yourself, but those who you love is the big message behind this bop.

“Tell me where your love lies, waste a day and spend the night underneath the sunrise. Show me where your love lies.”

If the movie is going to be anything like the music presented on it’s soundtrack, then people are in for a good treat March 16.

You Owe Me by The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are known for making great dance hits and relatable lyrics. Their newest song “You Owe Me” sticks out as a semi with sharp notes that mesh well with it’s flow of chords within the melody.

“You don’t know me. Don’t you think that I get lonely? It gets dark inside my head. Check m pulse and If I’m dead you owe me.” sings lead singer, Andrew Taggart.

The group’s song is blaming the media and other haters who know nothing of their true valor for their sorrow. The message resonates well with listeners because it gives them an adequate motive to blame others for their despair. A much different approach from Brandi Carlile’s “The Joke”, but it acts as a beautiful clap back.


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