Remembering Black Wall Street

Everyone Should Know What Happened to Black Wall StreetThis independence day feels like fake news considering not everyone was given their independence. Even after my black ancestors risked their life on the front lines for our countries freedom, they were not granted freedom from the chains and shackles that attached them to slavery.

“But Medley, y’all already celebrated Juneteenth.”

Let’s not forget who almost tried to join the cookout without an invitation. To this day some officials in power still fail to respect the sacrifices and struggles of my ancestors.

Oprah Developing Miniseries on Often Forgotten Oklahoma Race Riot ...

On this “all countries matter day” my family and I visited the Greenwood Cultural Museum, Reconciliation park and what remained of black wall street after the places of business were destroyed in 1921.

Being reminded of the hate in people’s hearts makes me appreciative of the work my ancestors made all throughout history to have people of all colors fighting for our reparations to this day.

My sister has a donation fund going toward the Tulsa Race Riot Massacre Centennial Commission. You can visit their direct website which is linked, or you can follow her social medias and for every follow she will give $1 to the commission. Her post with more information is linked below.

I wanted to do something different for my birthday this year. If you see this video I would love your help.

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Posted by Alisha Jones Music on Monday, 29 June 2020



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