Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: January

For all the lost souls out there searching for new music- or for the ones who are pretty confident in their music choice but are always up to try something new- I am starting a new theme on my blog called monthly mixtapes. So, to start off this new year right, let’s just hop into it with some R&B.

“Loved By You” by KIRBY

znouzzk7     Do me a favor, drop everything you are doing. Now lay down, or sit, while closing your eyes. Then press play to this soulful filled track that’s stripped completely bare. With solely a guitar and high notes, KIRBY has found the key to my heart causing it to shed tears uncontrollably. The tears which have been shed are not from sadness, they root from witnessing an angel whine with bluesy undertones. The highlight lyrics of this song is most definitely the chorus.

     “So I gotta know, I gotta feel how it feels to be loved by you. Oh I gotta touch something real, can I feel and be loved by you.”

It may seem basic to pick the ham to a ham sandwich of a soundtrack, but when an artist slays a record front to back, clearly I would pick the peak of its existence. I can not help but imagine dancing slowly on a ballroom floor of an abandoned house with my future lover when I hear this song… I don’t know, is it just me? What does one see when they hear an angel sing?

“Bad Blood” by NAO

6706c80885e3de2265b43ecf57abf396-1000x1000x1     This is more of a common song than most. Add it to the list of synthy songs that do not drown their artist in a hoard of unnecessary tempo crap, bravo. I am not surprised that the album this track belongs to is categorized under the electronica genre. However, I get a sense of like twenty different vibes from her voice. It is fairly uncategorical. With a sense of R&B and indie, it is safe to say NAO is truly gifted. Her skills also reside on the lyrical side of her music.

“You’re a holiday, a glass of ocean slipping down my throat and landed on my hopes. I’m dreaming off the maps no hidden grids, I’m fleeing. I worship you like holy days, lying on my back, seeing clouds and rays.”

The rest of her tracks off of this EP are just as phenomenal as this headliner. I also love her cover art for every single that she has released. So, if I were to suggest one song out of the others to force upon music lovers the most, it would be this jam.

“If You Let Me” by Sinead Harnett

artworks-000173688340-e436cf-t500x500     If you are into R&B and semi-undiscovered artists, then this is the song for you. Who won’t take Sinead back?  I just want to know, because this song sounds like it is coming from a place of honest desire and pain.

     “The taste of your lips is still fresh, and the smell of your scent how could I forget? Your words how they cut me to shreds, but to tell you the truth every piece is for you… Don’t tell me that it’s not enough, our time is up, you’re over us, ’cause I think I might do anything for you if you just let me.”

I mean the whole song sounds like her insides are having an emotional breakdown, in a good way. I tend to hate it when producers go overboard on synths and electronic artificial sound that drown out the artist’s voice, so I appreciate how the beat drops consistently in and out throughout this song that way the listener can focus on the words Sinead is saying. She tells a tale of desperation to someone who should take the time to let her love them. If anyone out there is looking for a song to relate to, this would be a good one to store away when you need it. In perfect timing for Valentine’s day. Hook it up to a speaker and leave it on the windowsill of that one person you are always thinking of, hoping one day they will come back feeling the same.

“Losing” by H.E.R

artworks-s5zogeg3azti-0-t500x500     This track basically encompasses the flow of R&B. As in, I do not think a person who is unfamiliar with the genre can actually appreciate this song. The artist’s soulful tone starts off low in the beginning and then gradually rises higher throughout. It’s the subtle details such as this that cause the slow build up of emotion in her lyrics. The chorus in this song acts as the summary toward its meaning, and I highlight them because I personally relate to them sadly.

“You only show me love when it comes to the music, it’s like when I feel lonely that’s when you start acting choosey. I don’t wanna keep playing them games ’cause I feel like I’m losing… What’re we doing? Let me know.”

So when I say that this song holds all the major components of R&B, that includes the slow rhythm, the rich voice, the sad lyrics about love, and the instant reaction to bob your head while listening to it. I recommend this song for anyone who is in their feelings at night, just waiting for that call from a complicated person of interest.

“Japanese Denim” by Daniel Caesar
avatars-000272573702-53b61a-t500x500   The epitome of soul shines through this upcoming artist, Daniel Caesar.

“I don’t stand in line, I don’t pay for clubs,  f*** that. But I’ll wait for you. I don’t like to drink, I don’t like to think,  f*** that. But I’ll ponder you… My blue jeans will last me all my life. So should we, I’m spending all this time.”

This is one smooth soul singer to look out for in 2017. After listening to more of his singles, I came to the conclusion that Caesar takes his sweet time when creating art. Some of his songs have a more psychedelic vibe to them. Not “Japanese Denim” though, this track is pure and filled with carried out notes- clean of runs or vocal tricks. Listening to him is like taking a bath in a deep mix of gorgeously composed progressions and groovy guitar chords. Right now Caeser only has couple of EPs released, and I strongly recommend checking out every single one.

“Fantasy” by Alina Baraz & Galimatias

alina-baraz-galimatias-urban-flora     This last track does not match the R&B/soul theme of the other songs featured in this article. It is, however, a pretty well known electronic record that transports its listeners to their dreamland of choice.

“So you say you want to get away. We don’t need a plane, I could be your escape. Take you to a place where there’s no time, no space.”

You can listen to it if you want to. I won’t judge you either way. If I were to describe this song in one word I would say- chill. I honestly do not know how else to describe it. The beat, the voice, the message is all just so very chill.


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