Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: October

halloweenshitfest_zps3ldxugoi2   BOO! I am so sorry. Did I scare you? Well good because that was my exact intention. The month of October always puts people in the mood for spooky chills to run down our spine like droplets of water. However, I believe that every month can be considered the scariest month to live. There are so many uncertainties and frightening things we experience on a daily basis we tend to overlook them.

Therefore, this months playlist will be dedicated to the songs which shine a light on the everyday things that scare us the most.

Week Without You – Miley Cyrus

Abandonment issues, if you have never experienced this toxic condition then congratulations you have lived your best life! Now scroll down to the next natural fear while the rest of us normal scaredy cats empathize with Miley Cyrus.

Cyrus is singing about a love so strong that you fear being without them. Off of her new album, “Younger Now”, there is a continuous pattern of songs where her partner is as important as her other half. To find happiness within a person can be intense and beautiful. The times where they leave, or the fear of them leaving, is where the spooky part comes in.

 “You are everything to me, and I would die for you… When you’re gone time moves so slow,” Miley Sings.

I don’t know about you but death is a frequent fear of mine, and time in slow motion is a scary concept. Hopefully the love given is equally matched or this sweet love song can turn into a horror flick very quickly.

Ruin the Friendship – Demi Lovato

This slick back song is smoother than Demi Lovato’s long black locks. It has a kicking groove from a bumping bass and kick drum. The lay out of the couple’s situation can be visualized perfectly.


Two companions sitting across from each other. They both have each other pinned in the perfect corner of the friend zone. The time has come. The tension is rising. There is only one thing preventing them from fully indulging into each other in that moment.

The fear of ruining a perfectly good relationship.

The fear of taking a risk with someone you can trust whole heartedly just to satisfy the heart’s desire is a common thing when diving into relationships.

Lovato plays the anxiety that can come with ruining a friendship off as if it is the new coolest trend. This song has a gorgeous creative savagery to it. Cheers to her for having the courage and ambition to risk something that most people take for granted. She is terrifyingly terrific.

AMA Performant – Beautiful Trauma – P!nk

The lyrics in this new bop from P!nk‘s new album, “Beautiful Trauma”, is not the scary part of it all. The goosebumps aspect to this track is her performance on live TV. Only the trapeze bad ass who’s album debuted at #1 when released this month would have the courage to do this. Not to mention that her voice sounded impeccably flawless while suspended in the air. If it were not for the fact that you can hear her breathe faintly in between words, you would have thought she was lip-syncing.

Take it from the fearless artist herself, that there is nothing to fear really but fear itself. If P!nk can perform a top hit single atop a building, than you can face whatever fear is starring you down in the face as you read this.

Under the Influence – Snoh Aalegra

“We are both just a little afraid… because when we are alone i am under the influence of you. Why?” –Snoh Aalegra

snoh-aalegra-00    The fear of falling is all too common for lovers of all kinds. The heart wants what it wants, regardless of the rules, restrictions, and boundaries that the real brutal real world has to offer. To get over the feeling is another story, but falling is a beautiful tragedy in itself. The scariest part is you see the cliff you could potentially step over, you have already set your eyes on the dark path with a dead end, and you choose to fall anyway (or get pushed).

That is the very same pain that you can feel Aalegra moan through her vintage like record. If you listen closely, you can hear static which gives the illusion the song is being played on Vinyl. Her tears are sonically visible. Her pain is mentally brutal. Her fear is real, and a dangerous web people often get tied in.

Cyber Stockholm Syndrome – Rina

Quiet pop princess Rina Sawayama is certainly a new artist to be on the look out for. Her fiery red hair and iconic style are factors that play in favor of her rise to popularity. What truly defines her though is her soulful strong voice that lay beneath all the neon lights and synths.

What fear is attached to such a content tune? It is an underlying fear that hides beneath most phobia’s, and that is the fear of being alone.

Sawayama sings of a girl who can have fun by herself, and as she gets lonely just turns to her phone. Overall, however, there is nothing scary on this debut EP. Her 90’s vibe is what attracted me to this new particular single, and I believe that “Cyber Stockholm Syndrome” needs to be heard by pop fans everywhere. She is a gorgeous role model that I am excited to see grow in the music field.

Verbatim – Mus Matos

The soft whispers backed by intoxicating keys and a bass synth that draws you in like a fragrant perfume then pins you down with one of the sexiest male voice to date. Mus Matos’ intro sets up this hit perfectly. The scary aspects rooted in uncertainty shine through his lyrics, and the flow of water is brought to sound as he sings.mus-matos-verbatim

“Don’t take that word for word.” – Matos

Well if I can’t validate everything you are saying, then what is the truth? What should I believe? Why should I trust you?

Answers that are, unfortunately, not answered in his lyrics. What we can find, is the beauty in certain ambiguity. Sometimes it is not the certainty of what someone is saying that calms us, but it is the way they say it.

All I know is, Mus Matos can tell me whatever he wants to as long as he is singing it to me. I believe you. Even if all of your promises can not be taken “Verbatim”.


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