Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: November

di1rw630pn2oqyyubupcIt is going to get mighty cold mighty quick in the month of November. Cuffing season is upon us. The time of year where young couples find temporary situation-ships to keep them preoccupied and warm for the season. Once the temperature raises back up to daisy duke weather we may part, but for now let’s cuddle up next to the fire. To really get into the mood go ahead and play some of the songs below for your monthly boo.

Willow Smith – Boy

Willow made an album? Willow made and album?! Yes, Willow made an album! And I am disappointed that not more people know about it…willow-chanel

Smith is at that age where she can sing about boys, and get away with it being that she started releasing music at a young age.

“Hey mom I met a boy, he’s super sad, but I think that I love him. Is that bad?” – Willow Smith

Now at 17 years old, Smith released her second full length album called “The 1st”. Her song “Boy” is just a small touch compared to the whole project. It sums up the vibe of her genre. A simplistic flow of alternative indie violin and acoustic guitars. Standing at a short three minutes and one second, this track is a cute description of that feeling in your gut when butterflies begin to flutter around your stomach. Willow sings of a crush, who for the most part likes her back. The beginning stages of what could blossom into a beautiful relationship, or just a mere fling.

G-Eazy – No Limit

G-Eazy made an rap hit recently that is sure to be bumping at the next club scene you witness. “No Limit” slightly hints to the process of falling for a hookup.

“If I hit it one time I’m a pipe her. If I hit it two times then I like her. If I smash three times I’m a wife her. it ain’t safe for the black or the white girls.” -A$AP Rocky



What makes this song so iconic is he collaboration behind it. Cardi B’s verse on the original track is one of her best to date. Rocky’s hook was a bop from the start, and G-Eazy’s voice is lovely enough to steal any girl away for the night. Just do not leave your friend alone with him three times in a row, or she may be gone before you know it.

Jaden Smith – fallen

Willow was not the only Smith to release new music near the end of 2017. Her brother, and air to the Smith family fortune, Jaden Smith, came out with his newest album “Syre”.

Fashion icon and ‘deep’ artists, Smith, came out with his visual project based off of a love story. In the album he claimed on of his objectives was to save rap. (A genre that doesn’t appear to be broken). Regardless of the aspects that make the album unauthentic, the genuine passion he puts into producing his unique original sound is clear and evident.

The song “Fallen” in particular is one of the sole songs that’s dedicated to love and being in a relationship (or a situation-ship all alike). The visuals are aesthetically pleasing and framed beautifully within his music video. “Syre” as an overall project is a great album, and “Fallen” in particular is enough to make a young romantics heart sink.

Grace Vanderwaal – Just a Crush

“‘Cause you’re talking about a marriage, and a life together. No honey I’m not looking for anything like what you’re searching for. You’re just a crush.” –Grace Vanderwaal

w-jsmiv5_400x400     At 13 years of age, I couldn’t imagine anyone asking for Vanderwaal’s hand in marriage. However, her songwriting skills are at a professional level of artists over twice her age. Many people recognize Vanderwaal for her win on America’s Got Talent. She took that win running and continues to make singer-songwriter hits one after the other. Her voice squeals and cracks bring warmth to heart at every note.

Vanderwaal’s newest album, “Just the Beginning” is a smashing success. Her single “Just a Crush” is a great track for all ages and ears. It snugs in tightly with the cuffing theme as a sure seasonal anthem. Anyone worth keeping around for only a short amount of time is not worth moving too fast for. If your body is a suitable substitute for a winter coat this season then what will be shall be, but last time I checked my winter coat did not speak of settling down with me anytime soon. Go ahead vanderwaal, tell them like it is.

Electric Mantis – Lying & Loving

Electric Mantis is an electric artist who is very renown in his industry. Their song “Lying & Loving” stands out for the voice attached to it and it’s lengthy yet technically crafted to perfection bass drop.

Combining different sounds that contradict each other in the realm of EDM is a risky trade, but when professionals lie Mantis know what they are doing it comes out fantastically.


The premise of “Lying & Loving” is talking about a situation-ship filled with deception. Still, throughout the drama and the pain that came with their so called ‘love’, their dysfunctional relationship continued to prosper.

Vulfpeck – Birds of a feather, We Rock Together

Now we get to the last song on the list. A great representative of the best case scenario near the end of cuffing season. A situation-ship that ends in eternal love. A connection that is recognizable to anyone who’s met their soul mates in real life.

e2c99fff-eb43-40ad-a141-3620c90b1ff5      Vulfpeck has brought back the sounds of classic funk. Their new album, “Finish Line”, is a solid project with a collection of beautiful soulful voices in collaboration on the record.

“Birds of a feather, we rock together. And if we got a problem we talk together. So let’s head down south, and the escape the bad weather.”

“Birds of a feather…” is a soft love song that focuses on the kinetic energy that crosses as two individuals fall for each other.


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