Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: December

December is the moth where all major holidays are put in the spotlight to shine, and show their stuff. This year feel free to relax with a seasonal hot drink by the fire and play this playlist of new music. Let your mind relax and open up to new sounds. As they surround you, feel free to explore each artists deeper. Who knows? You may find your future anthem or next idol.

Lord Knows – BRIDGE

     The first song, “Lord Knows”, by BRIDGE is narrating a tale of self-help. The artists knows that he has not been doing right by himself, and if anyone can a test to his downfall it is the lord himself.

     “Lord knows I’ve sinned, I’ll do right again. Lord knows I’ve sinned, I’ll be back again.” -BRIDGE
     The key instruments that give BRIDGE that nice kick to his sound is the piano, the electric guitar, and his powerhouse vocals. The perimeter of this track is measured by BRIDGE’s remorseful tone. Yet somehow, when he sings to me, I can not help but believe him.
     This track fits nicely with the theme of new beginnings as the New Year rolls around behind the 31st of this month. Mistakes have been made, but the new year brings in new opportunities for the illusion of a clean slate.


No Limitations – Tidus 

For all of my Hip Hop/R&B fans out there to follow BRIDGE’s soul, Tidus brings the mockup_tidus_z2thunder (or soft clap) towards this mixtape. His vibe in “No Limitations” matches all the amazing aspects of mumble rap at a slower and sonically clearer speed. It may not be so clear as to what the concept in his lyrics are,  but the construction of his beat is crystal clear.

This song goes under the ‘feeling yourself’ category. “No Limitations” is a great confidence booster. This song works on all self-praising fronts.

Oceans – leuan

Another song that incorporates R&B/Soul made the mixtape, big shocker! This track, however, deals with allowing others to influence your own path. “Oceans” by leuan is a warning beam to not let individuals throw you off your groove.

“You’re watching me bleed, you’re dragging me down. In the middle of the ocean, you’re watching me drown.” -leaun

“Oceans.” has a touch of pop to it. This is a record that I can undeniably imagine playing in my car radio.

New York – St. Vincent

St. Vincent is a very beautiful, vocally and physically, alternative artist from Tulsa, OK. Her music was listed under top new albums when released on October 13.  St. Vincent’s  album “MASSEDUCATION” has an abundance variety when it comes to sound. So for anyone who is genuinely looking for new music, and a powerhouse vocalist to indulge your ears in, St. Vincent allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

st-vincent-new-single-new-york-mp3-stream-listen-download     “New York” as it’s own song is a bit sad in tone. Perfect for the lonely or lost souls who are forced to spend their holidays alone. There is a bitter sweet beauty that comes with loathing in music that matches your mood, a type of collateral beauty.

“I have lost a hero, I have lost a friend. But for you darling, I’d do it all again.” -St. Vincent

There is some bad language thrown across her lyrics here and there. Therefore I would not suggest it for listeners under the age of maturity (whatever that may be). I do strongly suggest “New York” for sensitive souls and easy criers who have to cuddle up to the fire alone this year. Allow your tears to soak in your blanket as this plays on your overhead speaker.

Justwanna – Jackson Lundy

avatars-000366434279-eq9mjy-t500x500     This R&B/Soul song has a bit of electronic mixed in it, and it is all brought together by a groove best described by who ever is enjoying Jackson Lundy‘s vibe at that time.

“Justwanna” is a short bop that gets it’s fans in the mood to do whatever the heck they can just because they can. Lundy has become the puppet to a young girl who has him under her spell.

Feel free to lay your seat back as you cruise down the highway to Lundy’s new song which just released in NYC not too long ago.

Hoity Toity – Alex Mali

     Alex Mali is a new Rasta artist who just like to have fun and it shines through her music. “Hoity Toity” is an encouraging bop to push free flowing people to “back it up” and dance. You do not have to be Caribbean to enjoy this tune, it is for everybody.

The music video speaks for itself. Mali channels her inner Rhianna, but adds her own unique personality within it. Her bright green hair is a great testimony to her individual identity, and her smile ropes you in.

Window – Joji

From the cover of the album to the vibe in Joji’s tone, this song is the sonic and verbal definition of cold for December. “Window” is the track you begin to play as you look out the window and watch snowfall, or imagine it for our warmer residents.

8d66d740ddcd26b55b23777cb433132f-1000x1000x1     Playing at the short length of 2:30, Joji’s low chords aer enough to lull any stress, and ease all worries.

“Watching all the leaves grow, feels better in my dreams though. And the sun will shine no more, let it go. I’ve been holding on too long. I know when the wind blows, feels better in my dreams though.” -Joji


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