Medley’s Monthly Mixtape: January

2018 is all about new beginnings, new artists, and new sounds. Let’s get into all this newness with the first Medley’s Monthly Mixtape of the year!! There are a lot of great gems listed below from fiery lit to ice chill. So without further ado, let’s start digging.

Gonna Do by Afro B.

I scanned across this gem while browsing through the next wave on Soundcloud. Afro B. is a hip/hop reggae artist all the way from London. “Gonna Do” is a song that stood out off of his newest album “AfroWave”. It is a great party song to get you in the groove right before any turnt up event. As an upcoming artist this album may be enough to put Afro B. on the map.

As for the song it has the basic progression of any electronic dance hit. The island flow attached to Afro B.’s music style is just the right factor that causes your hips to sway. The lyrics are edging on the listener to take that next step. “What’re you gonna do?” like c’mon, the clock is ticking.

You should bring this song into the new year because it stands as a gentle reminder to get up and have fun. Get off your feet and do something. Whatever you’re “Gonna Do” just make sure its great.

Brown skin by Jran

This R&B/Soul track is graced to our ears by the Memphis, TN artist on the rise, Jran. He released his debut album released on Christmas Day 2017. A true present to all, this album is straight heat. The production quality is A1, and Jran’s vocals are enough to make any young girl get caught in his trance.

4c81fe38e24e62bddd2c      This album was brought to my attention on twitter, and the single “Brown Skin” caught my attention in particular due to the Ebb in Jran’s flow. It is obvious to anyone who listens that the artist took his time getting this new age love ballad on record. The sample at the beginning has a certain familiarity to it. Insider knowledge: it was taken from Ginuwine’s “So anxious” but most people will recognize it from the intro of Drakes song “Legend”. The beauty in the twist that Jran put on his sample is the fact that I could barely recognize its origin due to the talent of Jran turning something great into something even more beautiful.

For all my readers who are looking for some new R&B to bump into their speaker’s on the road his year, check out Jran’s new album, “Rain &Good Company”. There is literally something on this project for everybody.

That’s How They Call It by Vaiteani

I browsed these artists while searching for some new Alternative and Singer/Songwriter music. The pure gorgeous heart wrenching quality in this cinematic hit of a melody will put you on a journey towards clear serenity. I just want this song to embody itself and wrap around me like a warm blanket.


     Vaiteani is a Polynesian folk group that makes me want to look into the genre more in depth. Their song “That’s How They Call It” is a softer more gentler vibe for the music lovers out there look to escape into their own thought’s. When I vision this song in colors, I see nothing but watercolors in a mystical wonderland, and I a m all here for it. What do you see? Make sure to comment below!



Something Foreign by SiR

SiR is on watch for new artists to peep this 2018. His newest release is a golden release featuring the famous ScHoolboy Q. It has a jazz feel when adding the grand piano to its slumber like kicked back tone.

Standing at a short time of 2:33, SiR conquers the talent of capturing a feeling into a sonic capsule we call music and sharing it with the world while connecting to the true art of relate ability.

Violence by Dijon

Imagine ballroom dancing atop a cloud with your significant other, but plot twist, it is just a hollow hologram of their outline. In reality they exist in your past or near future. The longing of a sure love that is out of your reach, yet the assurance that you have love is what makes you swoon. Now capture all of that energy and put it into a song. That is how you create “Violence” by Dijon.


This underground artist is also put in to the category of artists to keep an eye out for 2018. There is so much conviction in his voice as the guitar strings in the back track pull and pluck on your emotions like child’s play. There is a certain mystery in the reason as to why the track title is “Violence” when the word is not uttered once in the lyrics. As a matter of fact the artist makes a pattern to constantly repeat the word Violet instead.

“Violence by Dijon is the sonic fantasy that embodies a sunny day on the oceanside. Cuddle up with your sweetheart this January next to the fireplace and let Dijon’s sweet serenade surround you.

The Purge by Hopsin

Many fans of the Hip/Hop Rap industry have given up on the name Hopsin. He has become a toxic villainous character in the industry. As talented as this Eminem inspired lyricist is, the reputation he built his foundation off of is negative and distastefully pessimistic. However, as a cold hard journalist and music enthusiast I try to look past previous mistakes in order to uncover the truth and revelation that we are presented with today as we look at Hopsin’s latest project “No Shame”. Therefore, Hopsin’s current state represents that of redemption in my eyes and a lot of the new tracks on his album are quite amazing.

Aside from the racist and questionably unapologetic tracks off of Hopsin’s latest album, there are real quality produced works of art on his latest release. One that stands out in particular that showcases Hopsin’s rap skills is his single “The Purge”. Ironic that the genre that Hopsin used to criticize and claimed that he hated is the one he uses to make money and flourish in. Still, all of his faults aside, there is no denying that this song is quality genius.

Recorded with such vigor and ease, this song shows no signs of surrender. It is an easy please for any hip/hop rap enthusiast. The speed and beat is all unique and flows well with Hopsin’s diversified ebb and flow. I give the artist all of his props on this one, and you can try to hate on it, but you will find it to be mighty difficult.


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