Was the Oscars Woke too?

That little golden statue symbolizes a lot for avid movie watchers and people in the movie business. His name is Oscar, and this year, he officially joined the “Woke” movement with many other Americans. Get it, Oscar! You do you!

Black fits, raised fists, white roses, and a whole lot of politically driven performances snatched up every wig in sight at this year’s Oscars.  Not to mention Oprah, Janelle, and other speeches that made our hearts throb. The Golden Globes and Grammys came with a bang and demanded to be heard. It makes you wonder what the Oscars brought to the table. Was is what the world needed?

Shook, woke, in shambles, or however the recent award shows left you, get ready because the Oscars did not come to mess around either.

Did The Oscars Bring It?

Tiffany Haddish was just as funny as we thought she would be as her and Maya Rudolph address #Oscarsowhite, pointing out that although we have made progress we still have a long way to go.

During Kendrick Lamar’s 2018 Grammys performance, Chapelle kindly reminded us…

“The only thing more frightening than watching be honest in America, is being an honest black man in America.”

Dave Chapelle was at the forefront of translating the black agenda to privileged witnesses and allies. He kindly pointed out how activism is a “thankless thankless job”.

Chapelle can now be seen as the spokesperson for black relations on social justice at Award Shows considering this was the second times he woke up an audience in the midst of a empowering activist performance that highlight the still present systematic oppression of race in America.

Common and Andra Day perform their Academy Award Nominated song from the civil rights film Marshall with 10 various activists standing on stage with them. In comparison to Kendrick’s Grammys performance, Common and Andra Day showed the Martin Luther King Jr. approach to balance out the Yin and Yang from Kendrick’s Malcolm X tone. One would not be complete without the other.

Common calls out the NRA and also addresses issues of immigration in his piece. Two very important topics presented in America. 

Another important reoccurring topic in America is Women getting recognized for their work. Another system catered to the white man which still struggles to reform its exclusionary practice. Women are fed up, as they should be.

The Golden Globes speech Oprah gave hoped to change the feeble minds of people who can’t see a future of Women leaders. As for the hopeful activists and rightful optimists in this world, tears shed because people could see our near future more clearly than bright headlights shining in our eyes telling us to WAKE UP.

The golden Globes also supported professional female creatives through before the show on the red carpet. A complete black out as regal gowns and tuxes speak up for Women’s rightful recognition in the film/TV industry which was predominantly male.

The Grammys made a social justice fashion statement as well. White Roses paraded the Red Carpet on featured artists such as Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, Janelle Monae, Cardi B., Lady GaGa, and Kelly Clarkson. Each sporting the beautiful flower in a different way, yet all carrying the same message. The rose stood for the Time’s Up movement in efforts to raise awareness for sexual assault.

The women at the Oscars are fed up as well, and they should be. Emma Stone exposed the all male directors with a Natalie Portman “All male nominees” effect and did it perfectly. As the director of “The Shape of Water” gets whiplashed once again for willingly knowing there should be more female nominees standing alongside him.

Sterling Brown showed us that for African Americans, equal and fair representation is needed, and he proudly recognized it by thanking his director Dan Fogulman. He wrote a role for a black man. This will give young children who look like brown hope to. They can look out and see that there are roles, as few as there are, for people of color. We can continue striving for a more diverse mirror on our TV boxes.

Equal representation still stands to be a deep fight within this industry, and black people are demanding justice. This case shines greatly as films Coco and Get Out rightfully take home Oscars!


Image Credits: ABC

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