First Week of Donald Glover’s FX series Atlanta

Donald Glover, musically known as Childish Gambino came out with season two of his Emmy award winning FX series, Atlanta. Within the first week, Glover has already displayed his artistic genius through hilarious humanist screenwriting, thrilling plot twists, and a healthy display of micro-aggressions that African American Atlantans go through on a daily. The best part of it all is that you don’t have to watch season one in order to know what is going on.

The theme for season two is called “Robbin Season”. It focuses on how the crime rate in Atlanta rises as the holiday season approaches. The core storyline still remains as Glover’s character “Earn” manages his cousin Paper Boi’s career. Paper Boi is a lot more famous locally in the second season which makes it harder for him to live a normal life in the city he was born and raised in. Through the theme of “Robbin Season”, the main characters find themselves going after what they need in criminalistic ways. A sympathetic relationship has been made through the protagonist as they will continue to commit antagonist deeds throughout the new season. Fate shows that the road they have ventured down will lead to nothing but trouble. Still, Glover always finds a way to flip viewer expectations, blow minds, and wow audiences.

Atlanta translates well to all cultures. If it appears boring, that is probably due to the unreliability factor. Here is some advice to those who may not get the shows references or dialogue. Take a deeper look, further, into the city as if you were traveling a separate country to learn more about the world around you. This show is word for word, action for action, how the city of Atlanta and hoods similar operate as well as the civilians within them. What some people fail to realize when they explore different ways of living, is that their own way of life is more peculiar than what they could imagine. That strange feeling is what Glover beautifully exploits through the show.

Reasons that make Atlanta necessary to watch include lines such as “What flavor are Hot Cheetos?” A question that most Americans, Atlantans specifically, have wondered yet the question still remains unanswered. The show feeds our curiosity with a simple response of, “Hot.” Another Iconic line from the show is, “I would say it’s nice to meet you, but I don’t believe in the concept of time so i’ll just say we always met.”

Other reasons to tune in to Atlanta this season are features such as the unexpected guest star appearance of Katt Williams, the mention of Florida Man (a legit reference), and the show’s ability to embody different kinds of African American personalities in one cast. 

If not for anything else, turn on FX and dive into season two of Atlanta to find out what everybody else is talking about. Don’t tweak and miss out on all of the fun.


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