Five Cardi B songs for your current mood

Feeling like you can take over a whole army right about now? Maybe you have the sudden urge to stunt on your ex and fellow haters. Lucky for you, Cardi B just released her new album presenting a song for every situation you could possibly imagine. Here are the top five songs your inner Cardi B will relate to.

“GET UP 10”

When your biggest haters become your greatest motivators

Starting off with an intro familiarly close to Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares.” This tune tells a tale of the come up from nothing to earning money and stunting on your haters. It’s for when you get a bad grade on that exam you spent hours studying, for when you didn’t get that promotion, and for when someone doubts your next mogul move. They can knock you down, but you shall rise like a phoenix from the ashes and get up ten times harder. Don’t believe the negative hype. Follow your heart with great confidence because you know you are that one.

Notable lyrics: “I went from rag to riches / Went from WIC to lit / Only person in my fam to see six figures / The pressure on your shoulders feel like boulders … Look myself in the mirror, I say we gon’ win / Knock me down nine times, but I get up 10″


When you’re literally living your best life

This feel-good song is for when you can see that you’ll soon achieve all your dreams, or you’re living in them right now. You’re doing the best that you can do, and everything is finally coming together. No one has control over the life you are living except for the very being who is living it: you. “Best Life” is perfect for when you can dance in public without caring about who is watching because you’re just living life to the fullest.

Notable lyrics: “Turned all my L’s into lessons / You see the whip pullin’ up, it’s like “skrrt” / Dreams pullin’ up, I’m like “skrrt” / I’m livin’ my best life / It’s my birthday, at least that’s what I’m dressed like”


When you’re missing bae

It’s been too long since you’ve heard from that loving voice that makes your heart skip a beat. In this jam, Cardi B collaborates with Kehlani to sing about a situation almost anyone can relate to: the heartbreak that comes with having a dry phone, no calls, no texts and feeling like no one wants to be you. This situation is definitely a sad one. It can be tough waiting for that call from your significant other only to realize that you might never hear a ring. But, hey, the next time someone leaves you on read or goes ghost, turn on “Ring,” and remember that Cardi B feels you.

Notable lyrics: “You don’t want this gun smoke / Learn to text with your nose if your thumb broke”


When you go through bae’s phone and regret it

So you have the password to your boo’s phone, and you have the urge to take a peek at what’s going on in their messages, DMs, etc. It’s not that you don’t trust them, it’s just that the curiosity is eating away at you. But when you finally pick up the phone, your heart sinks when you actually find something sketchy. “Thru Your Phone” plays out this scenario. It’s a shoutout to the title of the album, which makes everything come full circle — just like what happens when you piece together the evidence you find in your significant other’s phone. As you’re wondering how they could do such a thing, you can drown away your sorrow to this track and listen to the on-point clapbacks in the lyrical melody.

Notable lyrics: “I don’t wanna hear ’bout invasion of privacy / I had a feeling, it turns out you lie to me / I’m holdin’ back everything that’s inside of me”


When you feel like a boss and can do whatever you want

As Cardi B and SZA point out in “I Do,” when you’re on top, there’s nothing and no one who can tell you what to do. You have the power to make yourself happy and the confidence to shine. When you’re in boss mode, you make your own rules and follow your own agenda. So strut your stuff and do a series of “nobody can get on my level” hair flips simply because you can.

Notable lyrics: “Dapper, dapper, I look fine and my check’s divine / No wonder, wonder why I do whatever I like”


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