Mental Healthy Artists

On June 7, queen Taraji P. Henson testified before the newly formed Congressional Black Caucus Taskforce on Capitol Hill to address the issue of mental health in the black community. Henson made the point that the topic is not discussed enough within the community, and needs more culturally woke professionals in the field to better understand the troubles black people face.

In honor of her summit, here are a list of artists who are mentally healthy to listen to for the black community. Music has a large impact on people’s perspective all around the globe. The amount of people seeking degrees in arts education is decreasing. Increased self-confidence and self-understanding, enhanced communication skills, and improved cognition are among the many reasons for teaching the arts according to edutopia. Therefore, a mentally healthy department with music at it’s core is lacking.

Here are some musical artists that may bring a smile to your brain.


Lizzo is a break through artist bringing back an old style with flares of self-love according to my black sister (literally my blood sister who is a huge fan). Her song “Soulmate” is the anthem to self-love claiming you are your own soulmate and should treat yourself as such. Her album cover is her stark naked, and nothing screams embrace yourself like full blown body positivity. A majority of her songs are made for thick women encouraging them to increase their body positivity. Listen to lizzo and love yourself.

Tobe Nwigwe

Tobe is a little more political than anything else, but it is all in good means. He is a rapper that knows his self worth and is not afraid to show it. Erykah Badu posted about him on her Instagram and that’s how you know he is real. Dave Chapelle also said he was cool. New father and father figure, Tobe, is big on production of his own music videos. His wife is present in every video they produce in the blonde, and he friend is always beside his as well indicated in the video as his left side. He is Nigerian and very proud of his culture, as we all in the black community should aim to be. Proud of our culture.

“Can’t Go Back” by Kojey Radical

This song is a black man admitting his fight with depression and how he cannot go back to that feeling that was imbedded into his soul. Radical speaks true to his name on laying out his testimony with full transparency. Listen and relish in the fact that what once held you down can not get to you anymore. You are focused on bigger and better things.

It’s Time

Ration Yourself Accordingly List

It is just as important to filter the negative music you may be listening to aside from finding positive outlets. The “misery is bliss” mentality can be very dangerous toward your mental health. Reflection can be great for unpacking the luggage of your stress load, however wallowing in sad songs for their relatable factor is utter foolery. It is almost like self harm, avoid it. Here are some artists to be careful with.

Billie Ellish


The News

Watching the news, and listening to certain artists just because you think they are relatable at times gives off the vibe that the world is going to end. Someone made a point that watching the news feels like PTSD for the black community. The numbers for mental health are there as Taraji P. Henson mentioned.


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