Alisha Jones Born Tired of Injustice

University of Arkansas Student Alisha Jones to Open for Randy ...

Take it from someone who has known Alisha their entire life, she is a soft-spoken sweetheart. The state of our nation under police killings of African Americans and black lives matter protests erupting in every state had such magnitude that it forced her to speak out from under her indie-soul shell.

It would be unfair to pin Alisha to one genre as the last sentence indicated. She is a mixture of every African American-originated genre. Basically, she has mastered blues, jazz, pop, rock, R&B, and soul. Her latest music video is a cover of indie and soul artist Jhene Aiko’s “Born Tired.”

Jones starts her cover off with an inspirational quote from Martin Luther King Jr. and then switched between frames that captured a still setting as she moved across the scenery.

“At first, it was going to be a fun other cover I did, but I was so upset with the things going on to the point I had to do something about it,” Jones said.

In the music video there is a scene of Jones crying over the lives lost by white supremacy and police brutality.

Raising her fist in the air, this is Jones’ sixth time making a civil rights inspired singing video. She has published many other covers and social justice based performances on TikTok and Facebook.

Her angelic voice plays in a wistful waltz alongside her acoustic guitar, harps, bass and acoustic drums. Her movements captured by a camera standing still in it’s position vary from groovy dances to soulful led sways in her shoulders.

When asked what she wanted viewers to gain from watching her video, Jones said:

“Peace in knowing that sometimes not everything is going to be ok,” Jones said. “When they watch this video I want them to understand that you can still find peace in even the unpeaceful situations and Just a good time. Because Jhene Aiko helps me feel that peace so I want them to feel that peace.”

Her guitar Nathan, named after Nathan Sharpe, makes an appearance in the video. Every run of Jones’ made carried the emotions of listeners on her sleeve. Her high notes tugged on heart strings. In the video she poured a cup of tea and looking into it showing how ‘bored’ and ‘tired’ she was.

“…trying to entertain myself with everything else that is going on,” Jones said.

Even the artist’s birthday celebration is dedicated to raising funds for the Tulsa Race Massacre Commission. She wants to support her local black brothers and sisters in Tulsa, Oklahoma who are still waiting for their reparations from Tulsa’s Race Riot.

You can support her in her social change efforts by following her on Facebook at Alisha Jones Music, Twitter @alishanicolej, TikTok @alishanicolej, and Instagram @alishanicolejones


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  1. Robin Jones says:

    So well written!! I am so proud of you both.


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